Protocols and Algorithms for the Next Generation 5G Mobile Systems

  • Aleksandar Tudzarov T-Mobile Macedonia
  • Toni Janevski Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
Keywords: 5G, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Quality of Service (QoS), Policy Routing


In this paper we propose new design framework for network architecture of future 5G mobile networks, including protocols and algorithms. The proposed design is based on user-centric mobile environment with many wireless and mobile technologies on the ground. In heterogeneous wireless environment changes in all existing wireless technologies is not possible, so each solution towards the next generation mobile and wireless networks should be implemented in the service stratum, while the radio access technologies belong to the transport stratum regarding the Next Generation Networks approach. In the proposed design the user terminal has possibility to change the Radio Access Technology - RAT based on certain criteria. For the purpose of transparent change of the RATs by the mobile terminal, we introduce so-called Policy-Router as node in the core network, which establishes IP tunnels to the mobile terminal via different available RATs to the terminal. The selection of the RAT is performed by the mobile terminal by using the proposed user agent for multi-criteria decision making based on the experience from the performance measurements performed by the mobile terminal. For the process of performance measurements we introduce the QoSPRO procedure for control information exchange between the mobile terminal and the Policy Router.
Protocols and algorithms for Mobile and Dynamic Networks